Opinion Essay Writing

Help with Writing Opinion Papers

An opinion essay is an academic piece of composition that is geared towards giving a personal view regarding a certain matter. This essay basically seeks to get personal thoughts or feelings and does not therefore require you to state what other people think on the topic or topics in question. To correctly write this type of paper, you must follow the laid down outline for writing any composition and then format your work according to the instructions given by your teacher. At the beginning of your paper, you must form a thesis which is normally the statement that best describes your opinion on a matter.

How to Form a Thesis

As you read through the instructions given for writing essays, you will find prompts. These prompts are basically questions or directions that are given on what you should do within your paper. Some prompts may ask you to explain why something is the way it is while others may ask you to describe a product or place and so forth. In order to form a good thesis, you should always read through these prompts and understand what exactly is required of you. Once you have a grasp of what you are expected to do, you will be able to decide whether to support a given topic or argue against it. A thesis can either be a statement in support or against the topic in question.

How to Organize Your Sample Paper

In order to write an exceptional paper, you must have a way of organizing your thoughts and sharing them out in a systematic order. This requires you to have a structure in which you will easily build on and help your readers see why you have taken the view that is apparent in your thesis statement. Almost all academic papers have three to four sections in which all relevant information can be put across.

How the Paper Structure Should Be

In the first section of your paper, which can either be one or two short paragraphs, you need to give a brief overview of what you intend to talk about within the body of the paper. This will act as an introduction to your essay and must clearly state what your opinion on the matter is.

The second section of your sample paper will include all the details you wish to share in order to help your reader see why you are of the opinion that you stated. It is important for you to remain factual and give verifiable evidence of what you are saying. Including an example or two of a scenario that can help strengthen your argument is always a good idea.

In the third and last section of your paper, you should summarize all the things you have been saying and once again state your opinion on the matter. This may be done using other words rather than repeating the same statement you made in the first section of your essay paper.