Death Penalty Research Papers: Help with Format, Outline, Intro, Topics Examples

Help with Research Papers on Death Penalty

From (or capital punishment) is one of the most controversial topics alongside with abortions and same sex marriage and it takes much time to collect all the needed arguments indeed to support your point of view on the matter. This page is aimed to give you some valuable insights into writing a high school, college and even university paper on the death penalty; it will cover such aspects of writing as: introduction, conclusion, thesis statement and outline writing, help with sources and topic ideas.

What is a death penalty?

The death penalty is a form of punishment of a serious clime whereby the convinced person is put to death by the state. The actually process of killing is called execution. Currently  capital punishment is practiced by 58 nations.

Topics for death penalty research papers may be based upon the following:
–          The history of capital punishment
–          Human rights and death penalty
–          International views on death penalty
–          Religious views on death penalty
–          Abolitionism

Regardless the topic, in order to write a good research paper you will have to read many sources and those sources must be good. You should avoid citing and referencing non-academic sources like blogs, forums and wiki-sites, but you can read them to get inspiration and ideas. You should focus on primary and secondary sources that are proofread by scholars before publishing. If you are not sure whether your sources are good or not, you should consult your tutor.

What makes a good thesis statement?
–          It should clearly state your point of view on the topic
–          It should not contain contradicting ideas
–          It should not be too general
–          It must be argumentative
–          It must be interesting and up-to-the-date

How you can utilize good sample research papers on death penalty
–          Find research paper topic ideas
–          Learn about essential parts of the paper
–          Learn how to write interesting introductions and conclusions
–          Learn how to format your research paper correctly
–          Learn how to cite the sources

Research paper examples might be really helpful for inexperienced academic paper writers, but they should not forget that the theory must be read too. A combination of both will give more valuable insights and help with research paper writing. The only thing you need to make sure, that is – being sure the samples you read are really good ones.

Tips on writing an introduction
–          Keep your introduction short, usually there is no need to write a long one
–          Consider starting with a citation or statistics fact, this is always interesting
–          Convince the reader your topic is important to be research and analyzed
–          Explain your point of view in a clear manner
–          Prepare the reader for that they learn from the research paper

At last you have finishing the writing part, no what? Will you submit it right away to your teacher? It will be a very immature decision. Why? Because your research paper is full of errors, typos and grammar issues… Take a deep breath and proofread it from the very beginning to the very end.