Chemistry Research Paper Help: Writing Outline Format, Sample Topics

Help with Chemistry Research Papers

This articles was designed to help you with writing research papers in chemistry, it contains some useful ideas on how to write a really good research paper for your college or university. We know that academic paper writing is really not easy especially for those who are not really good at writing. These tips will guide you through research and writing process to make the process faster and easier.

What is chemistry?

Some people mistakenly believe that chemistry is a science, in fact it is only it is only a branch of physical science that deals with behavior, properties and composition of the matter. The scope of chemistry is focused on atoms, as a fundamental component of matter, and their interaction with each other.

What are chemistry related research paper topics?
–          Hydrocarbons
–          Ethers, phenols and alcohols
–          Ketones and aldehydes
–          Esters and acids
–          Amides and amines
–          Other everyday life related topics (e.g.: chemistry of smell)

Chemistry research papers are written both: in high schools and colleges. Of course, high schools students write on more simple ones, while as college students are required to do more complex and deep research of the topic given by the tutor.

It goes without saying that in order to write a good paper regardless its topic you need to know how to format it in a proper way and that the major paper parts are:
–          Title page
–          Introduction with a thesis statement
–          The paper body
–          Conclusion
–          Reference page

There might be some other parts required by your educational institution, depending on the academic level of the paper, citation style and your professor expectations. For instance such serous academic assignments as Master’s and Ph.D. thesis papers require acknowledgement pages to be included.  In general the format of your paper will depend on its level and purpose, contact your teacher for more details.

Tips on how to write research papers in chemistry
–          Understand the purpose of your assignment to build your research and writing strategy
–          Good an interesting topic, a topics that would give some additional value to the community’s knowledge
–          Know all the needed research papers parts and the word length of each. Your script should not be neither too long not too short.
–          Don’t cite blogs and websites like Wikipedia in your script, they will not be valued by the professor
–          Learn which citation style is required and how to add different citations
–          Always refer to good sources and valuable opinions of other scientists in your research paper
–          Forget ‘I think’ phrase, you should know for sure and in order to be sure, you need to proof each statement with a sound evidence
–          Proofread your research paper before submitting it, no one can write without typos and errors

Finally, you should not rely on your writing skills only, don’t be shy to learn more and more and/or ask more experienced writers for advice or valuable help, since much depends on good the research papers you write are.